Meme Machine is a revolutionary new app available now for iOS devices. Meme Machine is an app that allows users to create video memes easier than ever before. Meme Machine has so many great features that will change the meme landscape forever. How has the world created video memes up until now? Using high-end motion graphics software and the skills to match. But that doesn’t suit the rest of the world who don’t have access to this software or skillset. So that’s where Meme Machine comes in. Meme Machine makes creating and editing these video memes easy for everyone! So do you want to put your face on someone in a famous movie scene? Do you want to splice your home footage together with a clip from a music video? Do you want to participate in one of the new trending meme challenges? You can do all of those things and more with Meme Machine. There have been many meme creation apps that have been and gone. There have been Meme Creators, Meme Makers and Meme Generators. But none of them compare to Meme Machine. The user interface of Meme Machine is extremely intuitive so that creating memes can be super easy for all. When the user opens the app, they are greeted with hundreds of meme tiles which are all gateways to creating different memes. When a user taps on a particular meme tile, they are taken to a screen where they are given four options, because of course, with one meme there are multiple ways to edit it. The options are: Music Video, Overlay Graphics, Overlay Meme and Cut. Those four templates form the foundation of Meme Machine’s video editing capabilities, and depending on which template the user picks, the outputted meme will vary also. Music Video templates are very popular with meme challenges videos because it is very common for a meme challenge to start trending, but when people want to make their own attempt they don’t have access to the exact song or they struggle to play the song simultaneously with filming. Meme Machine solves this by using an advanced video recording system that includes a countdown timer and gives the option to play the music out loud whilst recording, and the song choice is always exact to the meme challenge and prepared for you. Overlay Graphics templates are probably the most innovative feature of Meme Machine. They are templates which allow users to utilize our motion tracking data to overlay their own graphics onto meme videos, which will then stick to the motion of the video. Each of our Overlay Graphics templates store motion tracking keyframe data for X and Y positions, as well as rotation degrees, and corner pinning distortion transformations. This technology has never been achieved before in a user friendly way. It truly is ground-breaking. What’s more is that Overlay Graphics templates really allow you to overlay any graphics; you can overlay a new photo, overlay something from your photo library, input text, insert emojis, and even search Google for images on the internet. The possibilities are endless. Overlay Meme templates are an intriguing part of Meme Machine, where users use their own video footage, but can overlay elements of memes onto their footage. So they can create their own home movies, but then still incorporate some of their favourite memes. When this is done right, there can be some fantastic results. Cut templates are perhaps the simplest but sweetest of all Meme Machine template. It quite simply allows users to slice or cut their own video footage together with meme videos. This can work really well with reaction memes, so the video starts with your footage but then cuts to a meme clip which shows a reaction. These can be really fun. But what’s the point in creating awesome memes if you can’t share them with anyone? Well Meme Machine makes sharing a priority. Once a meme is finished, the user is taken to the Share screen which allows them to post their meme onto a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more. Or the user has the option to save the video locally for their own personal use. Sharing is one of the most important parts of memes because that is what makes them viral and popular on the internet, so we made sure Meme Machine was cutting-edge with its sharing capabilities. Meme Machine truly is game-changing. By allowing more of the world to create and remix memes, Meme Machine is broadening the horizons of what memes are on the internet. Increasing the volume of video memes, and getting more people involved in the process. Memes are of course regularly changing with new memes emerging all the time, but the awesome thing about Meme Machine is that its database of memes is regularly updated and refreshed as new memes emerge, or old favourite memes are rejuvenated. The best thing is that these meme updates are made remotely, without the user having to manually update the actual app installation. Memes have been around for decades. From some of the oldest funny videos up to the most recent modern clips of comedy, memes will be here for a long time. So it makes sense to have invented a product that makes it easier to manipulate these memes. Meme Machine began as a start-up project by Joshua Rodrigues and James Davis in London, England. Quickly realised as a very exciting prospect, it gained popularity very quickly in the media. Joshua and James continue to work together and look forward to growing the Meme Machine business as it looks to become the most popular and long-lasting Meme Creation app on the marketplace. It was decided that Meme Machine would be iPhone only for the launch, with later intent to expand into the tablet and android marketplaces. The team feels that focusing on one platform to begin with is the best way to build up a user base as they look to grow for the future. The possibilities are endless with Meme Machine. As the Meme Machine homepage features hundreds of meme tiles, there are locations for brands to place their own custom memes; forming a business relationship with Meme Machine for mutual brand promotion. Meme Machine is on the Apple Appstore now, for iPhones. Please support the product and download now.


1. Introduction to Meme Machine

Meme Machine is an app that allows users of all abilities to create fun meme videos easily. The Meme Machine database is full of popular memes that can be customized in various ways, using templates.

2. Templates

There are 4 different meme templates available to use; Music video templates, Overlay Graphics templates, Overlay Meme templates, and Cut templates. Each meme on the Meme Machine database has at least 1 of these templates available to use.

3. Music Video templates

Music video templates allow you to combine your personal videos with meme music. You simply need to film a video / select a video from your camera roll. If you want to make adjustments you can tap on the timeline to trim your video or change the source of audio.

4. Overlay Graphics templates

Overlay Graphics templates allow you to put graphics of your choice on top of meme videos, and have them motion tracked to the movement of the video. You can use your own photos, emojis, text, and images from searching online to be overlayed onto meme videos.

5. Overlay Meme templates

Overlay Meme templates allow you to animate memes onto your personal videos. By filming a video / selecting a video from your camera roll, you can overlay a meme animation and time it to start animating at the precise point you want it to.

6. Cut templates

Cut templates allow you to cut a meme into your personal videos. By filming a video / selecting a video from your camera roll, you can cut a meme into your personal video and time it to cut at the precise point you want it to.

7. Sharing

Once you have created a meme it's only natural for you to want to share with the world, or at least with your friends. Tapping on the share button will give you options to send your video to the most popular social media platforms.